Your first Interrail: 10 cities and low budget

Imagine a card that allows you to take all the trains in Europe that you want and take with him several countries this summer. Because it has been around for decades and is called Interrail. A cheap and fun to travel with which many young people begin each year CV traveller, train train, station to station way. An unlimited pass for use on the railways of one or several countries, your choice. Interrail is a young, fast and economic way of moving around Europe. Ideal addition to go with friends or to make them along the way.


We propose a travel with Interrail by 10 European cities. A simple route for those willing to explore Europe by train for the first time.

There are several types of Interrail pass according to the age and the duration that you want to give your trip (you have details practical at the end of the article). Our advice is to take the Global Pass, which includes up to 30 countries, and see the days you need for your trip. Be either discontinuous or continuous use, i.e. use your Interrail 5 days of 10 or travel a whole month of followed and unlimited. Prices vary depending on time and if you have more than 26 years.

Once we have the Global Pass a path logic from Spain (where does the bonus of trains) can be:

+ Paris: You always have a first time to see the city from the Seine and portray themselves next to the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. It is certainly one of the favorite destinations of the interraileros and a good starting point. Then it also has connection with almost any station of Europe, so the output is quick and easy.

+ Brussels: The Belgian capital is much more than the Manneken Pis. Only the Grand Place already justified to get here, since we are talking about probably the most beautiful square in Europe. Its numerous museums, markets and the mythical Atomium are some of the major highlights of the city.

+ Witches: One hour by train from Brussels it is hardly out of the station and found in a city that seems taken from a fairy tale. Dream houses, canals and shops of chocolate everywhere. A romantic city with more charm than any imaginable.

+ Amsterdam: Jump between Belgium and the Netherlands is relatively short. We arrived at one of the cities most fascinating and lively in Europe, Amsterdam. Known as “The Venice of the North” for its many canals, brings together numerous young people (and in summer, interraileros-based well) who always called attention to Amsterdam was the paradigm of the freedoms. There is who goes by the coffee shops and stays by barrios as the Jordaan: that Yes, always on the bike, the favorite the Netherlands transport medium.

+ Berlin: Impressive cosmopolitan city. The German capital grows at a rapid pace and is updated every day. Dynamic, lively and culturally, has some of the best museums of the continent and the strength of his awakening after the fall of the wall in 89. It gives to explore it and to live it a few days.

Brandenburg Gate Quadriga (Berlin)

+ Dresden: On both banks of the river Elbe on its way through the Federal State of Saxony is one of the most beautiful cities and, at the same time, most unknown of Germany. The allies during World War II bombing destroyed the city. But thereafter was rebuilt all their assets until such was. Dresden Baroque dresses, present in much of its buildings that look to the river. And it is a big surprise for all travellers who come here.

+ Prague: The capital of the Czech Republic is just 3 hours from Dresden. And there is some disappointment in an irrigated city buildings and essential landmarks. A single glance at the Charles Bridge, between statues and colorful domes, is sufficient to the Fortune you have for choosing the route.

+ Munich: We return to Germany to enter the State of Bavaria and enjoy a delicious and fun city to visit. Munich is another of those places very animated and with many cultural offers and leisure. From Marienplatz to the Residenz passing by the English park… and with the possibility of many visits in the vicinity (for example: 2 hours to the South is the famous Castle of the mad King, which served as an inspiration to Walt Disney).

+ Zurich: We went to Switzerland, but not to make us an account secret in the Bank, but to visit from Zurich of its wonders. Half an hour of it we have Basel or Lucerne – my favorite city in Switzerland – with beautiful wooden bridges and mountains forming one fund more than prodigious.

+ Nice: Not everything will be visits to monuments, isn’t it? If we make the Interrail summer a good way to finish the job is staying at the beach. And Nice is good. Why we are on the French Riviera. With Cannes or the Principality of Monaco, a stone’s throw away to anyone who wants to dig deeper into the region. It will be by train…

From Nice is you can reach by train Spain Portbou entering railway. And that each turn away their places as best you can. Another possibility is to take a flight from the destination and take advantage of better days that you have. Matter of tastes and budgets. And often travel have made us!

Have you already done the Interrail? We suggest your Europe in 10 seasons?


+ What is Interrail?: is a ticket that allows you to take all the trains you want in different countries over a period of time.

+ How to buy Interrail: in any Spanish long-distance station.

+ Duration: Global Pass (from 22 days or 1 month, valid for all zones); Flexi-passes: 5 days of travel in total 10 days or 10 days in 22 total days (valid for all zones); Passes (valid for a single country you choose) premises, 3 days of travel in a month, 4 days of travel in a month, 6 days of travel in a month, 8 days of travel in a month.

+ Prices vary depending on if it is shorter or longer 26 years and chosen (as well as travel days) areas.

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