What to do when you stay without money and are travel abroad

What to do when you stay without money and are travel abroad

Travel abroad: You have some alternatives for you enter into panic and you can finally enjoy your trip. If you ever happened to you, tell us your experience.

travel abroad


Travel abroad

Run out of money in cash in full tour is more common than we think. Either because we are spending more than expected (there are always temptations lurking!), because the Agency not contemplated an “extra expense”, since the “all inclusive” was not so “all”, because we stole! u forget in the lounge of the Museum embelezados wallet by centuries-old works of art that we were both excited.
Whatever the reason, the truth is that running out of cash is a real torment. However, the solutions are not so complicated as we imagine and our trip can quickly recover their healthy dose of pleasure. How? Some companies are responsible for providing us the cash that, not to forget it, there’s always return!


The major ATM networks allow taking out money to customers in much of the world. This is a good option for those who were left without cash, but retain the plastics. According to the type of client is possible, in some cases, obtain cash even though the account used does not have sufficient funds. Before travelling, it is advisable to consult with the bank issuing the card, the facilities and the services provided. It is worth clarifying that it is not always necessary that the Bank has headquarters in the chosen destination. Sometimes, just that the ATM network have mouths of attention in the place.

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Money in cash.

Another of the possible ways to solve the inconvenience is resorting to some of the companies specialized in the turn of money. In this sense, Western Union offers one of the fastest and most simple services as giro recipient can collect the money with only present their ID card, ID or passport.

One fact to consider is that most of the companies that made these spins only enable transactions if they are intended to support family, economic or by disease. I.e., they do not include commercial turns. There are countries such as Cuba or Japan who do not receive money via money orders, so it’s important to know what are the restrictions in the State to visit before undertaking the journey.

Travelers checks.

One of the most practical options is to resort to the travelers checks. This payment method has an advantage: in the event of theft or loss, can be reset in 24 hours. In addition, they have a protection superior to the cash since each check printed a serial number that enables its identification. It is essential that the holder of the papers write down and keep in a safe place, the numbering of each paycheck because in the event of lost or stolen it will be required to trigger the immediate replacement. This type of values, also has the advantage of its internationality and absence of due date.

Travel abroad

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