Travel on cruise ship tips

Travel on cruise ship tips

Travel on cruise: I love the cruise. There was a time that I thought that they were not for my. But “Never say never”. It was the first test (a wonderful experience aboard the Crystal Serenity Cruises) and make me absolute fan.

Travel on cruise

Of the several experiences aboard Travel on cruise (and reading other experts on this issue), I have been able to extract some (very) useful tips for your next cruise.

On the boat

* It carries a small bag that you can hang your wrist or neck to carry the card identifying that you can pay extra for services, as well as access to the spa or make your purchases on board. You thus avoid the comings and goings of ask a duplicate if you lose it (with the consequent danger that another passenger load you purchases and services extra.

* Just you upload and you get to your cabin, identifies the path from the same places more common boat (Elevator, reception, bridge boarding, dining, swimming pools, etc.). Make a mind map setting some points that you serve to position yourself more easily. It can be a picture, the office door, a striking lamp, the main staircase, etc.

* Do not neglect your physical state (revealing sumptuous channels meals will you invoice). Take advantage of the sports facilities, especially the gym that often have great views and showers more large and decongest than of the pools.

Use of the dressing room and showers, rest rooms and jacuzzi tend to be free in the spas of the majority of the boats. Simply book and pay for treatments and massages services. Anyway, always find out before because every company has its own policy in this regard.

* If you are traveling with your family, forget about using the mobile to locate where your children on the boat are. A quite practical and free solution is to use a walkie talkie (I’ve seen a couple of American families that used it).

When the ship is in port, and most of the passengers will walk, if you want to stay and enjoy, take advantage of booking and use of hair salon and spa services: often have discounts at these times of low demand.

* During scales, it is a good time to try to catch signal wifi or 3 G of the country that welcomes you. Check with your carrier about the conditions of your fare or modules for roaming. You will always be less expensive that pay the internet on board. Or low to the port but does not want to go for a walk through the area.

In the cabin

* It carries a hanging toiletry bag to place behind the door. Surfaces of the bathrooms are always small, and very few have drawers in the bathroom.

* Don’t forget: one or two plug adapters (the boat, all you ask will cost you money, and if you buy it on board you will get much more expensive).

* A triple plug or a small extension will be of much help. Usually booths have a plug in the bathroom and another in the bedroom. Today that is insufficient to recharge the batteries of mobile, computers, cameras, etc.

* A trip, these tiny folding iron will be enough to review the dress or pants before dinner and will save you a lot of money on dry cleaning of the boat.


* If you’re going to leave tomorrow very early excursion to reach port, ask to serve you breakfast in the room. You must order the previous day and will save the long wait in line which is formed for buffer breakfast in the lounge, with the consequent danger of arriving late to the excursion (or Miss breakfast).

Travel on cruise companies allow you to bring a bottle of wine per cabin. They will charge you an amount corkage fee, but even so it will get much cheaper that pay the same wine according to prices on board.

* If you like drinks, find out before booking if the company of the Travel on cruise you are going to take sell fertilizers of alcoholic beverages. Get accounts to find out if you should.

Travel on cruise companies can book and confirm the dinner shift at the time of booking. This is very convenient since it is very common that when addressing for the first time, if you have not declared any preference, they awarded you the first turn (normally between 18 and 19 hours).

* Also, there are companies that already include the drinks in the price of the cabin. Question this detail to be able to compare prices and know exactly what you have included and what are paying.

* The first day, strikes up a conversation with the head of the dining room and “become a friend” (you know). This may be the difference the rest of the nights get to eat at the tables better located.

* All boats offer various dining options: use them. See flavors, go with the sushi or Thai food.

* At least one night, ask for the dinner in the cabin. The options will be more reduced, but you’ll have an almost a la carte service and you can enjoy an intimate moment feeling served as a Queen (or King).

Here some tips. You have any to add? I hear you.

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