Travel Europe: Where to begin?

Travel Europe: Where to begin?

Time and places: Travel Europe

Travel Europe: For starters, you have to know how many days you will have, and which cities would you like to visit. On the basis that we did not have any city in Europe, and that furthermore almost all they were interested in us, this was not a task not easy!

Travel Europe

Our contribution is to travel to many cities of different countries, so that based on the experience that we generate, we can offer other travellers actually useful information, not like most of the guides that are on the web.

On our first trip we had about 1 month… as it is not a long time, we decided to try to discover the “most representative” cities in Europe, most any extra which brings us something different. In this way, our trip included the following cities:

Madrid (Spain)
Barcelona (Spain)
Munich (Germany)
Füssen (Germany)
Budapest (Hungary)
Vienna (Austria)
Naples (Italy)
Rome (Italy)
Florence (Italy)
Venice (Italy)
Basel (Switzerland)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Paris (France)
London (England)

In our second trip, opted by make a tour more alternative, including sites of Europe Central, cities of them countries Baltic, cities of the Balkans, cities with beach, etc. as be:

Helsinki (Finland)
Tallinn (Estonia)
Riga (Latvia)
Moscow (Russia)
St. Petersburg (Russia)
Warsaw (Poland)
Prague (Rep.) (Czech)
Berlin (Germany)
Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Budva (Montenegro)
Belgrade (Serbia)
Athens (Greece)
Mykonos (Greece)

The order and the number of days to stay in each city, in the course of the 4 or 5 months during which we plan our trip, was changing all the time, depending on cheap flights that we find to go from one side to another, accommodation, etc. It is very important to have this part of the plan (to perform the largest number of possible cheap trips), since accommodation bookings are something that must be done well in advance. (

How to move?

Another important thing to define is how you’re going to move around Europe. The great advantage that there is, is the diversity of forms of transport which can be… We opted to make the most of travels by train (which get a Eurail-Interrail ticket), and some specific routes make them by plane. Later will speak about the use of Interrail or Eurail, that requires some technical knowledge! hehe
The advantage can be found in the train, reason why we chose it as the main means of transport, is that you can not only watch the landscape (that of a second to each other completely changes, from mountains and lakes to deserts), but also train stations are always in the center of cities and having the ticket, with reach the train 10 minutes before his departure reach you. You can also save time by traveling at night and sleeping on trains at the same time.
Them airports always are in them outside of the city, and sometimes you sale practically it same arrive from the center of the city to the airport, that the ticket of aircraft until your next city of destination!

Hotels in Europe: Travel Europe

How much do you spend?

We must also mention the issue of money… obviously that is going to change much from person to person, but us, making the most of the walks, accommodation in hostels and eating fast food (Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Subway, sandwiches, pizza…), leaving a drink at night, paying the country transport in country and within cities, etc., etc., average spend about 60 or 70 euros per day.

Of course, one of the major factors that will determine our budget will be activities that we consecrate our time.
From the cultural point of view, the range of galleries and museums in the large capital cities is very extensive, and generally, we can find a lot of quality, if not free, at very affordable prices or discounts relatively generous (for example, student card, or under 26 years old). In what respect to other activities of leisure, as the film, them pubs, nightclubs, bars, terraces or casinos, will depend on much of country to country (and as mentioned before, of person to person).

Travel Europe

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