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It has always said that what is important is not reaching a destination, but enjoy the way. But when that trip do do you on a motorcycle, this idea makes even more sense. Aside from the weekend getaways, travel up to any concentration or even wore leather monkey to fly by a prestigious circuit, there is nothing comparable to organizing a great route. A challenge for any Biker’s head to toe. In travel bike we have selected five of the best routes of our planet with special attention to its incomparable beauty and the difficulty of their roads. We go beyond!

Route 66 Riders

Route 66 Riders

Route 66. Rock & Roll

Nicknamed as the main street of the United States is a road all Travel bike who boasts is printed in its DNA. “The mother road” crosses an area of 3,939 kilometers between Chicago and Los Angeles, passing through States as diverse as Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. By this path they silliest the lives of many families who were forced to emigrate to the West coast of the country due to the great depression. The U.S. 66 was officially removed from the network of roads in the U.S.. UU in 1985, not be relevant and replaced by the Interstate Highway network.

Route 40. The end of the world

Route 40 is the longest of Argentina and tourist the most famous in South America. It runs a total of 5.301 km from Cabo Vírgenes, Santa Cruz, to the border with Bolivia, in the city of La Quiaca (Jujuy). This legendary route runs parallel to the Cordillera de los Andes, including sections near or through several national parks. It is the longest in the country, crossing from South to North, and runs several tourist regions and the most attractive of its territory as the Strait of Magellan, the Perito Moreno glacier, the Lakes region, the wine route or the Talampaya National Park.

Transalpine: Pure nature

From Grenoble (France) to Venice (Italy), transalpine route is the most accredited and tourism in Europe, although it is criminalized by the excessive traffic in summer and the expensive tolls on some stretches of road. Starting in France through a total of 2,400 kilometers by road from four countries, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Although many variants are possible, they are all very beautiful and very recommendable. However, you can’t miss the ascent to the most famous of the Alpine passes, Stelvio (2.757 metres) in Italy with its 48 “paella” and almost 180 ° steep slope curves.

South Island: Sea and mountains

According to the Anglo-Saxon Travel bike, New Zealand offers us the most beautiful route from across Oceania with 2,100 km of unforgettable places. The trip gives a complete turn to the island beginning and ending in Christchurch. The most recommended is to begin the journey northward following the Pacific coast up to Nelson in the Cook Strait. Since then, the route increases in spectacular: good asphalt, without traffic and landscapes that breathtaking. Another impressive stretch is the one that surrounds the Lake Mapourika, passes next to the Franz Josef Glacier and then crosses the Aspiring National Park and the Haast Pass port.

Crossing Tibet: Roof of the world

It is the more difficult path and, probably, the most beautiful of the five. It goes from Lhasa to Kashgar over 3,500 km. While it is true that road only is asphalted until close to the Pangong Lake, at the pace that Chinese workers will asfatandola soon will be completely paved. Its incomparable appeal, amazing trip is step Dang, a mountain pass with the best views of the Himalayas, where you can see five peaks over 8,000 meters, including Mount Everest. Darchen, mount Kailash, the most sacred of Asia, and Lake Manasarovar warrant the effort.

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