Travel backpacking tips

Travel backpacking tips

Backpacking tips: Who has not felt ever attracted by the idea of traveling for months while spending minimum and indispensable? Probably answer to this question is: all. While we are not all equal, and we have different tastes and preferences, in general we all like to cheap travel. Today’s post is for those travelers that they like adventure, nature and get to know new places without being a problem in the comfort, this post is for those who want to be backpackers.

backpacking tips

Fate: unknown

The idea of traveling always is present in our minds. The offer is large and varied. Travel companies have deals to destinations that are as popular as costly. To choose the destination for travel style “backpackers” must encourage us to places that are not so popular or commercial. The different attractions, such as mountains, waterfalls, lakes and parks are always a good choice. We always have to be careful of are not nature reserves or national parks. In that case, we need to pay entry and special permits that are not usually not economic.


Transport is usually an important part of our budget. Carpooling or hitch-hiking are always good choices; Although if it frightens you the idea of traveling with some stranger, you can investigate a little more about the means of transport that is most suitable for your trip. In general, travel by bus is cheaper that other means of transport, can pay more attention to the road and learn about small towns. But be careful, in many occasions you can find variety of promotions and it may be that you find that in some regions, it is more convenient to travel by train or plane rather than on bus. Low-cost airlines are always a good example of this, although you have to be careful with the size of your luggage, otherwise you can find paying extra money for excess baggage. Check out our measures of hand luggage for airline.


An important part of your budget is the money earmarked to pay the accommodation costs. The venue par excellence for backpackers in general are hostels. Its benefits? They turn out to be more economical, since they provide fewer amenities than a hotel and one must share the room with other people. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative when traveling with friends or want to meet new people. Camping, Couchsurfing, swaps of home or care homes when traveling are other ideas to keep in mind when it comes to spend the night. For more information, read our article about travel expenses.

Know the place:

Once we arrived at destination, it important to save some money is to avoid the tours offered by tour operators since, although they tend to be very attractive, they usually seem to be expensive also. An investigation at home prior to the trip can greatly reduce these costs. Internet always helps us discover attractive places that we visit on our trip. Also travel guides are completely comfortable for this purpose: have insights and tips of the places that we ought to know, where to sleep, where to eat, information on the means of transport from the place and maps to move freely. We can also perform free walking tours, which are cheaper than the conventional (one pays only a gratuity Guide) and always meet people in the place. It is important to keep in mind the information booths to the tourist offices have different cities, since one can get free maps and brochures of the place. If you have a smart phone download different applications for travel can be a great help, since they are usually always updated and available in our language.


Food costs are always an important part of our budget. Buy sandwiches and economic food in supermarkets of low cost, reducing the purchase of sweets and buy food at street stalls and restaurants benefit from the dish of the day, are one of the best ways to lower the costs of food. As for the drink, we must try replace wine and soda water, and buy them in supermarkets and kiosks before which in restaurants and cafeterias. Try to avoid service station markets, which generally prices triple at the supermarket.


He could not forget, we don’t have us forget the luggage. The important thing on these trips is to bring the least and indispensable and a good easy to carry backpack. The “Backpacking tips backpack” is perfect for these purposes, its format and its capacity. The most important thing in this kind of trip is to carry clothing and comfortable shoes, because we are going to spend much time walking, possibly with your luggage in tow. Don’t forget to build your travel kit, since we never know when we will need. View as pack a backpack for Backpacking tips in our article how to do suitcase.

And to you who you think these tips? Tell us about your experience and tips you have in your Backpacking tips trip.

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