Tourist sites of England

Route planner UK: One of the largest countries in the United Kingdom, England has a variety of tourist sites that people who come to this city want to visit. Places where the style of an era, is preserved historic buildings and where its arbegan jewels of ancient and modern art museums.

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England saves between different places that travelers around the world, are obliged to visit its territory. Some of these are:

Tourist sites in England


Victoria & Albert Museum

The Victoria and Alberto of London, also known as V & A Museum is the largest museum worldwide in terms of the field of decorative arts. It is located precisely at the corner of Exhibition Road and Cromwell Gardens in the area called South Kensington to the East of England.

Birmingham Jewelry Museum

Birmingham Jewelry Museum, allows you to appreciate a wide variety of antique jewelry from over 200 years of history in terms of art. In this museum you will appreciate antique jewelry and other details relating to this industry.

Museum Madame Tussaud’s

This is an interesting and very popular Wax Museum in which important and prominent celebrities of art, history, and others can be found.

Museum Wimbledon Lawn Tennis

This is the more traditional Museum and houses a large amount of trophies, costumes, equipment and memories of the best players in the tennis team. In this museum you can learn the history of the stadium and play those made through videos and sounds.


Buckingham Palace

Official residence of the British monarch in the city of London, Buckingham Palace was originally called Buckingham House was a small hotel built in the year 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, being acquired in the year 1762 by Jorge III, who became a private residence.


Close to Amesbury in Wiltshire, 13 KMS Northwest of Salisbury, is a Neolithic monument dating from the bronze age. This is the famous Stonehenge, a formation composed of four concentric circles made of stone.

The walls of York

One of the most visited places is definitely this tourist site. The walls of York is a fence that surrounds the city, built by Romans and rebuilt many times. From this place you can see a great view of the city.

Hadrian’s wall

This wall is part of the defensive construction of the Roman Empire to protect their colony in England. It was commissioned to be built by the emperor Hadrian to protect the city from the attacks of barbarians. It is one of the most important monuments built by the Romans in Britain.


Westminster Abbey

In the West area of London, England is one of the most striking structures of the city, this is Westminster Abbey, a Benedictine building known as place of historical facts to the English nation, from funerals to coronations.


Regent’s Park

Located in the northern part of London, with Center in Westminster and part in Camden is one of the Royal Parks called Regent’s Park. This Park has circular shaped, with an outer ring where can circulate in vehicle, and an inner side – which is the most delicate part of the Park.

New Forest

This is an important tourist area and a national park in Hampshire in the South East of England, is covered by forests and green areas, is very popular with tourists and residents.

Lake District National Park

This is a national park located in the Northwest of England who comes to be the largest nationwide, in addition to being an important destination for senerismo and climbing in England. Throughout its extension several lakes and lagoons can be found so it owes its name.


Tower Bridge

This is one of the most popular and colorful bridges of the city of London. It has 244 meters long and two towers of 65 meters.

London Eye

This site is one of the places where the city of London can be seen in all its glory. Also compared to the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye is the point where you can see from the River Thames, to the Parliament and its gardens.

The far West London Theatre

This theater is located in the heart of London, it is compared often with Broadway (New York), for its quality represent works of great importance, from stories of mystery, thrillers, musicals or place of coexistence between writers and actors.

Glastonbury Festival

Despite being a cultural activity, it is an attraction for tourists who come to England, since it takes place in a unique location where merge music and nature. It is held annually and is one of the most popular festivals in the United Kingdom, beginning in the year 1970.

Isle of Man

From here can be seen a breathtaking view of the natural landscapes, from purple mountains and cliffs, up to valleys forest and beautiful sandy beaches.

Isles of Scilly

This archipelago, also called the Isles of Scilly, is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is comprised of five large islands to the United Kingdom suroeste. The Islands that comprise it are St. Mary’s, Bryher, St Martin’s, St. Anges and Tresco.

Cities to visit


A city of almost 100 miles of width and 140 of long, which has a large number of lakes, mountains and ancient legends. Attractions, customs and languages highly valued by its residents. This is Wales, a small town admired by the English.


This site is made po ruins of the Roman period belonging to a former camp built to protect farms from Welshmen before the attack of various tribes. The street (also of name Chester) allows access to its galleries, calls “The Rows” and dating to the middle ages.


This city, known as “London by the sea”, is an area that has a climate friendly for its visitors, since it is warm and sunny, making it perfect to give a good moment of relaxation.


This is a glamorous and wealthy city of England, here you can find springs of thermal water, found in 1796, place chosen by many for vacation and relax.

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