Top 5 destinations for travel in winter

Winter is a season that can also offer interesting destinations in many parts of the world, prompting us to sports, to front a fireplace romantic getaway in the best-case scenario or visit the House of Santa Claus. Prepare your warm clothes because we’re going on tour of the best tourist places to travel in winter.

travel in winter

Rovaniemi, Finland

Located in the North of Finland, Rovaniemi composed the most mythical holiday card thanks especially to Santa Claus Town, located 8 km to the North of the city, a spectacle of snow-covered cottages, lights and Christmas trees that offers the possibility of knowing the most mythical holiday character. This mandatory winter travel destination offers us other ways to navigate, as the sledding huskies (and even reindeer), the famous Museum Arktikum, a long tunnel focused on Sami culture and the area of Lapland, the thematic complex Santapark and numerous “safaris” along the Finnish tundra in order to unravel some of its great mysteries , witnessing in one of the most beautiful experiences of the world’s darkest hours: the aurora borealis, especially from the area of Sodankylä.

Toronto, Canada

The largest city in Canada is a place awareness with its status as a winter destination, give all kinds of hobbies and attractions for lovers of sports of winter, markets and art. If you come at some point between late January and February, Toronto celebrates its famous festival Winterlicious, in which main city chefs prepare many dishes for colder times. Hockey lovers will find a new track for this traditional sport, while the more relaxed in every corner of the city may be lost in European markets or the famous Little India, where abundant bazaars and exotic flavours. Slides fans also will find in Toronto his city, because the city offers the most tourists, of all types, shapes and backgrounds (including laundry).

Aspen, Colorado

The fifth essence of winter in United States tourism is Aspen, in Colorado, where the typical villages are interspersed with numerous stations of ski along the mountains, offering all kind of tourist offers. Aspen Mountains, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk are key areas for the lovers of snow sports, ideal place to stay with the family in some of its resorts or even removed in some cabin in the middle of his bastos snowy forests. Far from the clichés, Aspen is also an ideal place for a summer holiday “cooler”.

Prague, Czech Republic

The majority of areas of Central Europe displayed true spectacles of lights, music and winter attractions with lots of snow. One of the best examples is the capital of Czech Republic, especially for a weekend getaway. The so-called Hen Heaven tend to copy on weekends and are special packages that allow you to know the city in a way more fun and festive, and can jump Club in club, enjoy street performances or access to exclusive offers. Markets (especially in the old town) extend through the streets offering puppet shows or the possibility of testing the traditional mulled wine while a view from the Castle or a concert of violins can be the icing on the cake to a single day.

Granada is possibly the best place to enjoy a winter of mergers as the views of the famous Alhambra under a background of snow-capped peaks, explore the souks of the Albaycín and warm up with a typical tea hot, visit his art or enjoy some tapas. If this is not enough, to almost a two-hour drive to the South we find one of the most famous of Spain in winter: Sierra Nevada, paradise for skiers, snowy peaks and the family in the Andalusian winter activities.

The best places to travel in winter are transformed at this time, expanding markets, hot dishes and a reinvention of the medium that allows a wide variety of excursions in nature. Not suitable for those allergic to low temperatures, these destinations will make your weekend a whole experience, confirming the winter as an ideal time to travel.

What is your favorite destination to travel in winter? Or do you prefer flee to sunnier places?

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