Tips for using GPS in the car

Route planner classic:  GPS navigation systems have meant a revolution in the way in which we move by road. Traditional maps in paper, endless, uncomfortable and slow to use, have given way to practically instantaneous systems, that meet the best travel route and reach our destination safely and in the shortest possible time

Aa route planner classic

That is why, in this holiday period, the best travel companion is a GPS navigation system. TomTom offers the ten basis points so we use GPS safely on Road:

Common sense: first and foremost, our GPS is an element of aid while driving, and as with any other element of the car, we must not distract us from the road.

See but do not touch: when you want to calculate a route, we will do it before starting the car, and if you need to change the details of the route, we will stop at a right place to be able to devote our full attention to the GPS, without taking unnecessary risks.

Matter placement: make sure that with a simple and fleeting glance we can see the screen of our GPS and check, also does not intercede for the front visibility from the road.

A forgotten aspect, fixation: a crucial element which all GPS should secure is a good locking system, so that in case of an emergency stop or another unexpected manoeuvre, it does not fall off and cause a dangerous situation for the occupants of the vehicle. For this reason, make sure that our GPS is attached, is not a waste of time but a security investment.

Let us not forget the charger: navigation systems increasingly have a greater autonomy, but to avoid surprises, do not forget to always carry with us the charger. Although our planned trip is one hour and the battery will provide autonomy for much longer, you never know what can last a possible jam.

The cartography, the key piece: in our city of habitual residence may to know which streets are in the works, which cuts or those that should be avoided to not end up in a traffic jam, but when it comes to travel to places not everyday, better make sure that we have the most recent version of the preloaded maps. Check it before you leave home, we avoid unforeseen

Planning and preview travel: as well as preparing suitcases for our trip, plan, calculate and preview the route that we will carry out, helps us to be aware of what we expected. In addition, thanks to the recommendations and points of interest that include today some browsers, we can set up beforehand stops recommended places of interest, tourist, gastronomic, etc.

The appropriate volume: Although you can modify with the same ease that we got the car radio, we must set the volume that we want instructions to be heard by the GPS voice before us, to make sure that I hear them correctly.

Learn about GPS: familiarize yourself with the interface, the options and the modus operandi of the GPS before using it on road is recommended. Requires just a few minutes, and do so much helps us to access advanced features as for example, listen to the replay of a voice instruction which we have not captured in a moment.

The user has the last word: If for any reason does not conform to the indications of our navigation system, immediately, recalculated us the best route to reach our destination from the new point in which we find ourselves. Know that any unexpected is going to make you feel lost, guarantees our peace of mind on the road.,

Here are ten tips that everyone must bear in mind while we drive with a GPS, but there is no doubt that everything boils down to the combination of three fundamental elements: common sense and prudence at the wheel of the driver and the simplicity of use of GPS.

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