The mysterious green light sailed the Argentine sky

The mysterious green light sailed the Argentine sky

Last night, at 21, for about ten seconds, were a circle of diffuse light and a trail; What was it that happened.

green light

“The green light on Thursday evening”. Yesterday, at 21, for about ten seconds, could be observed a bright greenish light accompanied by a significant wake in much of the Argentine sky.

Although it was brief, thousands of people could see it, burn it, taking pictures. And assaulted all the same question: what happened?

Astronomer Diego BagĂș, director of the Planetarium of La Plata city, today explained the phenomenon. “Taking into account the visual appearance that you presented and that observed in a wide geographical area, surely must be a Meteor”, he said.

In dialogue with radio La Red, researcher and teacher, he explained that a Meteor is “a rock that upon entering the atmosphere with high speed burns due to atmospheric friction”.

It could also be “some fragment of space junk, fragments of satellites that are in orbit and eventually touch the upper layers of the atmosphere”.

The director of the city of La Plata Planetarium also explained the difference between a Meteor and a meteorite. “In the event that some fragment has not burned completely and impact with the Earth’s surface, this residue is called a meteorite”, said.

“Would it could have been an alien spacecraft?”, they asked him. “Only in our Galaxy there are over one hundred billion stars. There are planets the chemical components that allowed us to life on Earth. The math indicates that there must be life, what happens is that we have never placed it”, it slipped Bagu…


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