The cheapest way to travel

The economy has made it difficult for travelers to spend as much as they would perhaps like.

Cheapest Way To Travel

Nonetheless, there are some methods of reducing the cost to something more affordable. For some this will still be costly, in which case you will either need to save up or ask for some financial assistance from your friends and family. You may also borrow some money (preferably without interest) from a bank, credit card company, or from some acquaintances. If you must pay interest, make sure that you can actually handle the costs and deadlines before doing so. Whatever you do, do not hopelessly get into a debt that you cannot pay off. It may be very difficult to resist the temptation but you’re better off not going at all.

With that said, the most important aspect of reducing costs is planning. You won’t know if you can afford something until you’ve done some research in expenses for air cheapest way to travel, car rentals, hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. To assist you in this research, one of the best tools is Route Planner. It specializes in European regions but works just as well for U.S regions. First plan of action is to determine whether you’ll be traveling by air or by car. For most people it may be both, depending on where you live and where you want to go. It is equally important to choose a good “time” to travel. Avoid traveling on holidays, during festivals or other popular national events. For example, in Europe it is advised that you cheapest way to travel during January-April because it gets very expensive from May-October.

If you need to cheapest way to travel by plane, then it is important to compare prices. Look at Expedia or Orbitz for this kind of information. However, you should also check out some discount airlines like SouthWest or JetBlue, who work independently from major airlines. This of course all depends on your destination but the cheapest method is through budget airlines who rent out times. Ryanair and EasyJet being other examples. For those who will travel by car, this is where Route Planner is known for. It will provide various routes that you can take and from there, you can select the least distance and save on gas. While looking to rent a car, you should of course choose the cheapest as any car that “works” will do the job. There’s no need to spend on something fancy.

On the other hand, an even cheaper solution is to go by train. With Eurail you can pay less but need to travel light. Depending on what tickets you buy, you can also use bus routes and boats as well. If possible, you should travel overnight to save on hotel costs. Railpass may also be useful as you can travel Europe for a month under certain conditions. Whenever you can, it is best to walk to your destination rather than getting a taxi, a bus, or a rental car – especially if affordability is more important to you than convenience. When looking at all these options, make sure that they go where you want to go at the time you would like. Prepare every aspect of your trip so that you do not get stuck in the middle of the night without anywhere to go.

For those who want a hotel, there are a couple tools to assist you with that. Rout Planner surprisingly has this feature available under the “Hotels & B&BS” TAB. From there you can look through all the hotels in a certain area and look at the prices that they’re going for at a glance. This is so easy that you probably won’t need any of the other tools to get this job done. There are some deals to be had with coupons or through reservations, so that is something that you would do well to check out. Same goes for cars, trains, airports, etc, as they may have coupons and other special deals around the internet. The amount of options here may all seem daunting but you MUST research this if you want to travel as cheaply as possible. To travel cheap, you can’t be cheap about research.

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