The 15 most beautiful cities of the world under the snow

The 15 most beautiful cities of the world under the snow

Lovers of cold and Christmas postcards, this is your post! Who said that the cold was boring? There are beautiful towns and cities which, under the warm winter sun, acquire a simply magical aura. It is the case of these 15 cities of the world under the snow, the most beautiful under the mantle of the winter. Because the snow and cold take us to Christmas and our childhood, wrap up well and prepare to hallucinate: this is happiness below zero!

cities of the world under the snow

Tallinn, Estonia
The capital of Estonia has a medieval air of fairy tale that, if only you’ll love. Alleyways, courtyards and passageways give an aspect of a postcard that lacks only the snow. Visit the main square of the city, where you will find the oldest pharmacy in Europe and that still remains open. Tallinn has more than 700 years and has been declared patrimony of humanity by UNESCO.

New York, United States
We are not going to say anything that you don’t know, New York is unforgettable we go when we go, but I will not deny that winter gives you that aspect of the film that we like. If you’re in the Big Apple by Thanksgiving (the last Thursday of November) takes advantage of the Black Friday being held the next day, nothing better to spend the cold than a pre-Christmas shopping at bargain prices.

Innsbruck, Austria
No doubt Innsbruck is one of the capitals of the winter, not in vain has hosted the winter Olympic Games three times. It has nine ski resorts and everything you need for a 100% winter holiday. And if yours is not (only) skiing, enjoy visiting its six Christmas markets and give you a horse sleigh ride to enjoy the face more romantic of the city and its surroundings.

Berlin, Germany
The 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall is more than reason enough to visit the German capital, also in winter. City of contrasts, culture and history are given from the hand to the delight of tourists. Berlin awaits you with their best outfits and if you visit their Christmas markets recalls get a comforting and typical Glühwein (hot red wine with cinnamon).

Toronto, Canada
Freak out with the spectacular Tower CN is more than 530 meters!; stroll (just enough and well sheltered) by The Distillery historic district; and how it could be in a way, also recommend you pay a visit to the Hall of Fame of Hockey ice, eye that 5,500 square meters dedicated to their sport are King. The PATH, the Toronto metro, will be your best ally in this visit.

Turin, Italy
At the foot of the Alps awaits Turin, a true Italian gem. Streets full of history, charming cafes and buildings of all ages, evoke an imposing city’s cultural wealth. And if it is winter and we are in Turin, do not forget to put you on some skis because here you will find paradise.

Prague, Czech Republic
Imagine that you are in Prague and now imagine the city with a delicate layer of snow… pure magic! This city is romantic, funny and very, very beautiful, a true fairy tale: cobblestone streets, historic buildings, cupolas, cafes… Besides Prague in winter is also a synonym for Christmas so enjoy with its Christmas markets and freak out with the frozen Vltava River.

Chamonix, France
Chamonix is a place of worship for lovers of alpinism, the ultras of mountain and nature in its purest state. Located at the foot of the more than impressive Mont Blanc, Chamonix is a cosmopolitan city that looks favorably mountain tourism, as reflected by its changing and diverse architecture. Chamonix is much more that a camp, is a winter wonderland.

Bariloche, Argentina
If yours is the cold sure that there is nothing you want more than enjoy the snow even in summer. If this is your case, nothing better than Bariloche, the most European of Argentina’s cities is located at the foot of the Andes and is a paradise for lovers of snow sports. The Majesty of the landscape and characteristic architecture, you will be surprised. If you like to enjoy a Christmas postcard in summer, you get to wait a few months.

Zurich, Switzerland
They say that it is the city with better quality of life around the world, we can not assure you it but what if we can confirm is that Zurich is perfect to visit also in winter. Runs through the old town well warm, visit of its antique shops and some 50 museums, and please don’t forget your Lake and ravished with advent of the city’s numerous markets.

Washington DC, United States
As it could not be otherwise, the winter in the capital of the United States is film. Ice skating in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden; hallucinate with the little less than enormous Christmas tree guarding the White House; or enjoy the Christmas classic par excellence: the Nutcracker. They are just some of the things you can do to live a winter of cinema in the United States.

Tromsø, Norway
About 350 km from the Arctic Circle, in the North of Norway, we find the city of Tromsø, one of the cultural centers of the country. The first thing that must be taken into account is that if they enjoy the midnight sun in summer, in winter the Sun remains completely hidden, is what is known as the polar night and runs from mid November until mid-January. In addition to visiting the old town of the city which retains many picturesque wooden buildings, are going to be able to enjoy one of the most impressive natural spectacles: the aurora borealis.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Get ready for snow because Petersburgo is often covered by a white blanket throughout the winter. Here the temperature during this period is-5 °, but insurance that impacts you more see the Neva River and the canals of the city, completely frozen. Visit the palaces, museums and theatres from Petersburgo will help you to better spend the cold; also during this time the city also is dressed in Christmas, so it will be twice as nice.

Salzburg, Austria
In Austria, we find one of the jewels of the European winter, Salzburg. Its impressive old town was declared world heritage by UNESCO and preserves buildings from as different as medieval, Romanesque or Renaissance periods. The birthplace of Mozart, converted into a Museum, and the Hohensalzburg Fortress, are also obligatory stop. By the way to the year 2015 Salzburg celebrates the 50th anniversary of smiles and tears.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Although not always snow in Scotland’s capital, when this small town becomes a place of postcard, almost fairy tale. Full of medieval buildings and a castle in the heart of the city, Edinburgh under white snow-like another world. Yes, it’s cold (not as much as in Russia or the Nordic countries), but see the pointed towers of a sugary white while in Princes Street Gardens people slipping on ice or climbing to the giant Ferris wheel is something amazing. And some bad, you can always retreat in a pub in search of a cup of hot chocolate with clouds.

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