Shake the fear to travel

Shake the fear to travel

Fear to travel: Entering single adventure often supposed to overcome a major obstacle: the fear. Travel to the unknown, not knowing if we know to cope in the new environment, if we will make us understand or if we know how to solve different situations arising us paralyzes us and we invent us excuses to put off the trip, sometimes indefinitely. I receive many emails from women who take that step and travel would love but don’t you dare! I suggest some ideas to overcome your fear.

fear to travelFear to travel

Faced with a swimming pool, there are people who decide to stick a jump and dive without even touching the water to see what temperature is. Jump no more hesitation. There are also those who come to the pool, they touch the water with a finger of the foot, then with the entire foot… slowly sit on the edge of the pool and submerged part of the legs to acclimatize… and little by little they are getting… until finally they dive! This analogy between travelling and slip into a pool is very graphic and I think that all us, can be identified. Today I’m going to write to those people who are entering “little by little the water”.

If you want to make a long trip, delve into the unknown but not ready to catch a flight and landing in a culture seemingly opposite to yours and thousands of kilometres from home… get as when you get to the pool… do it a little bit. You can start with a “getaway” 2 or 3 days to a rural area in your country; in this way you will drastically change the everyday landscape and leave behind “the known and comfortable”. You have to find the way to reach your destination, ask for the options offered by the new destination and most importantly: enjoy. For a getaway to nature you can search accommodation and ideas at the specialized page Clubrural.

After having completed this initial step and verify that you have more skills to manage in other media which they thought, can take a long weekend and take a bigger step yet: go to a destination that does not speak your language. The idea of this trip is that you develop your nonverbal communication skills and experience the sensations of being a destination in which you don’t understand nothing: neither menu restaurant, or to the taxi driver, or the signs in the streets. In Europe it is easier, because almost every country that makes up the European Union speaks a different language, but in South America the options are less and over long distances. In the latter case, I recommend that travel to another country, but not its capital and most important city, they travel to an area not used to receive tourism and that will certainly have its idiomatic turns.

Try every trip you make to mean a challenge for you. You will slowly shaking you fear of shoulders and both your mind and your body will ask you to travel to new destinations, more and more remote and exotic.

The idea is to not let that fear will crush your illusions of travel and travel the world and that, pasito a pasito, you put up your dreams… but warn you something: travel is addictive, once you put “the honey trip” on your lips always want more!

Fear to travel

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