Route planner: To start your journey

Route planner: To start your journey

Route planner: Travel is one of the greatest pleasures of life. However, even the best vacation can ruin for small details that you could have avoided or taken into account in the planning. For this reason, you share the basics that can not miss in your list.

Route planner

Personal documents

Carry your official documents may sound risky, but it is essential. We recommend buying a Fanny Pack of travel, those that are under the clothes, attached to the body. Preference, porta original and copy, so you can keep the originals in the hotel safe or at the bottom of your suitcase to avoid losing them or damaging them during your activities.

The documents that you must not forget:

-Tickets or tickets (tickets)

-Voter credential

-License to drive: it will be useful if you want to rent a car

-Insurance card major medical expenses or your Social Security number in case of any emergency

-Checks of travelers and enough cash to pay for those products or services that do not accept other means of payment. Check if there are ATMs to provide for the amount of cash that you need in your destination

-Debit or credit card: ask your bank if they have safe travel for all your purchases support and / or protect your card

-Personal references: on a blank card to write your full name and a reference in an emergency, your blood type and if you are allergic to any substance or medication


-Camera to capture the best moments. (Tips to achieve spectacular images)

-Cellular: Also serves as camera, video and to listen to your favorite music. (Tracklist for travelers)

-Auxiliary cable and portable speakers

-Don’t forget to contract roaming services or telephony travel packages

-Universal charger and adapter. If you require batteries, you opt for rechargeable batteries

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First aid kit

If you suffer from any disease remember bring your boxes with the required doses, but if not, these are the basics to overcome any setback.



-Antidiarrheal or laxative

-Pills for seasickness

-Drops to cool eyes

-Cotton and band-AIDS


At any self-service store sold kits to carry your personal belongings, no need to charge huge bottles in your backpack in small. They occupy less space and are very practical. They include:




-Toothpaste and toothbrush


-Moisturizing cream: for heat or cold, whether it contains aloe will protect your skin.

-Sunscreen for the body and for your lips

-Sunglasses: is essential to protect your eyes from UV rays when outdoors, regardless of whether or not there is Sun

-Insect repellent, of biodegradable preference

-Tweezers: They can bail you to remove a Stinger if there is any insect bite or any thorn

-Hair brush

Practical objects

-Knife: These devices are designed to travel. They have to nail Clipper, which will be very useful and bottle opener

-Maps: Bring a map of the place you’re visiting is very convenient to know the key places. Also remember to bring a Roji Guide to avoid Miss on the road

-Water bottle or water bottle: it is very useful to recharge your own container with water, you also pollute less and you save on bottles

-Needle, thread, and insurance: within your hygiene kit you can include them, you don’t take away space and can get you out of a bind

-A lighter and a flashlight will never be over, especially if you are going camping

-A book or a magazine

-A small backpack to carry your basic during the trip. You can opt for the canvas dries out fast if wet, are flexible and not clog

-CAP or hat: even if you use sunscreen, extra protection for your head and your face, it will never be more



This point depends on the destination to which you go, the season and the type of trip that you will realize. However you should always bear in mind:

-Swimwear & sandals

-Several changes of underwear

-Sweater and light jacket

-Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes

-Shorts and cotton trousers

-Hoodies & t-shirts

-A change to go out at night, with our shoes

If you think that we missed something, please do not hesitate to discuss it… help us expand this list! What other element as you add?

Route planner

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