Route planner ireland: 5 reasons to travel to Ireland

Route planner ireland

Route planner ireland: The four editors of this blog have a special relationship with the so-called Emerald Isle. Ireland has welcomed US in different periods of our lives and one of them, Sergi, still lives there and has wife and children Celts. I, personally, there spent more than 8 years and consider it to be my second home. It is a country that has given me a lot and has modeled, to a large extent, the personality that I have now.

Route planner ireland

Ireland is a country that is worth a visit, and here I am going to give five reasons to do so:

The Irish

For me, that I have traveled a lot and well, the theme of people inhabiting a country is one of the most powerful reasons to decide to go visit him. The Irish are impressive rates. The beginning find it hard to open up a bit, but even so, they are friendly and hospitable as in few other places. If you stay awhile by the area and further engage with them you’ll notice that are easy and carefree laughter.

The Irish have that typical fatalistic point of the inhabitants of a country that has spent hardship and famine throughout its history. His humor is acid and somewhat cynical and love to direct it against themselves or their country.

Furthermore, they are big drinkers and talkers. One thing often goes the other hand since the harsh climate makes the last heat of the pint in the pub hours more than those recommended by any doctor.

The landscapes

The cliffs of Moher

Ireland is a beautiful country. It is a green carpet dotted with small mountains and hills and edges have, on many occasions, cliffs, dramatic and wild. Green gives way to a multicolored mosaic in spring and the number of beaches and secluded coves where to surf, a swim or walk – weather permitting – is endless.

The famous Cliffs of Moher, the giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, the beautiful Peninsula of Dingle it is difficult not to stop the car in all and each one of the beaches, the ring of Kerry, cliffs near Sligo and Donegal, County Cork… You can rent a car and be almost a month touring places full of history and natural beauty.


Bray Bay

The Irish are great music lovers. The amount of great bands is incredible and musicians that has given a country that barely exceeds the 4 million inhabitants. We have clear examples with U2, The Corrs, SinĂ©ad O’Connor, Enya, The Cranberries, Van Morrison, Glen Hansard (winner of the Oscar for best song with the film “Once” in 2008)…

But there are many others who remain anonymous and happy every day to the parish of many of the thousands of pubs that populate the island.

You can enjoy live music daily in many of the pubs in Dublin. You have the option to listen to Celtic music in the most traditional, but I recommend to do this you go to the deep Ireland. Donegal and Sligo are very good places to grab a pint and hear the sound of the harp, guitar and broken some Irish voice while falling hail of tip out.

Many other bars in the capital engaged in local groups that do covers of the great Irish bands and play their own songs of rock.

The party

I attest that the Irish are well farrean

Dublin is a hotbed of young people of almost all nationalities you can imagine. I sometimes doubted if there are elderly people who live near the center of Dublin. It’s a mystery unsolved.

You must party every day of the week. The tourist area is the famous Temple Bar, just on the southern edge of the River Liffey, which cuts the city in two. Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, Indian… And even some lost Irish. All are distributed among the hundreds of pubs that populate the capital. Beer is never completed in Dublin. However, you should remember that you are not in Spain and at 2.30 am to close most of the pubs. You just have to leave early.

When you already have a time there you become more adept at the local pub. It is quieter but there are better environment, you already know and tends to be cheaper and with best deal, drink, both in food and live music.

Belfast has also taken a radical change in recent decades and its night scene has changed for good. The Cathedral Quarter is a clear example of this. Remember that you’ll have to carry pounds because this is not Euro zone!.

The ease to get

The lighthouse at Howth on Dublin

Ireland is perfectly connected throughout the year with lots of Spanish cities. It is what has the fact that the country of origin of the criticized Ryanair company. I, personally, I am very grateful Uncle Ryan since it allowed me to take me half of Europe several times and to balance price.

The Irish love Spain and the dream of many of them is having a second residence anywhere on our shores. I.e., that so often flights is more intended for the trip in the opposite direction to which we are interested in, but worth equal.

In 2-3 hours you will be taking a good pint of Guinness in Dublin Airport.

Route planner ireland

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