Reasons to quit your job and travel the world

Opportunities only come once, don’t leave for tomorrow what you would like to do with your life. There will be people who say that don’t do it, let not your job, that something bad will be going, or simply do not believe that it is a good idea. But here we leave these five reasons that will convince you to make you spend a year.

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There comes a time in life when you enter certain doubts about your life. Probably you haven’t done everything you proposed after you graduate, or simply you have spent years to work. You can be sure that is good for many people, but you don’t want to settle for that the rest of your life.

What if I give up my job and I’m going travel time? If you have become this question several times, it is definitely time to do it. Then we tell you why it is not a bad idea.

Why take it a sabbatical to travel?

Surely most of us have dreamed to take a sabbatical time and use it to travel around the world.

When traveling you can see very disparate places to taste either, so find one or several sites where rest as possible is something very easy. Fantastic beaches in Southeast Asia, remote havens of peace in the Chilean mountains or an impressive city like New York are some of the options. Depends on your tastes the amount you will discover sites that you can visit.

1. If you have a reason to do it, do it!

Inevitably, although it is not the main reason of your sabbatical time, rest; IE, stop for a while your daily activities, it is a very attractive idea. I think that, in the same way we all have a few weeks of vacation a year, also should take a few months and even a year. Of course it is necessary to work unless we are sons of Arab sheikhs, but it is also important to spend some time in our lives to do the things that we like most. If not, do really is living it worth?

2. If it came the moment in your life when you ask yourself where you want to be in the future

If it was that time of your life when you ask yourself if you want everything to be as usual, go out and travel the world is know more realities and open doors to new possibilities. You will discover that there are many paths to follow and many options to choose from. But, above all, travel have the ability to teach you that you are the owner of your future; the best way forward is the non-existent, which you create with each step. Can you imagine everything your mind can pick up if you run away for a long time?

3. take the time to travel when you are ready to do so

The worst mistake related to the sabbatical year is taken by “despair”, because they are fed up with labor dynamics. That is an easy way out and bring more problems in the long run. Prior to embark on the universe of the adventure to learn about the world, you should plan it thoroughly. Meet the expenses you need to cover, investigate the best places for your taste and not leave debts or responsibilities, are some of the things that you should consider before you go.

4. a sabbatical year to take a break from the routine

Life is to enjoy it, and if to do so you have to “suffer” a little, suffers. Not to the contrary. I repeat: if it makes you happy is to travel, there is no more nonsense, consider travel! It may be that the routine has consumed all of your energies. If you spent too much time in the office and left everything to one side to be able to sleep and get up early the next day, no one can make you recover the lost time. So if you have savings and have no impediments to travel, what are you waiting for?

5. to increase your self-esteem and know yourself

No one has said that it is easy. This decision sounds like a wonderful thing, but it is a challenge. You will learn to appreciate really all you’ve got.

We are surrounded by amenities that we even appreciate. We could not live without TV, microwave, washing machine and other; but in other societies they live in small houses of wood, without light or water. And many people live on the street. In addition, not will go to luxury hotels during all the time of trip, no doubt you will have to accommodate your budget and you will be obligated to discover the realities of all the places in the world. It is clear that this should not be the most important thing, because what you will learn about yourself will be the best experience of your year. And when you get back, no doubt, will be a happier person.

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