New Zealand: Tourist destinations

What should I take into consideration route planner New Zealand to select the places to visit? Select the 10 main tourist destinations in New Zealand and which we believe should be part of any itinerary of visit for the first time in New Zealand. It is also important to comment that the Organization of the trip will depend on the time and money available.

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North Island

Auckland – In addition to being the largest and most beautiful city in New Zealand, Auckland has many things to do and learn. From see storefronts and do you buy, to extreme sports and tours to appreciate its beautiful landscapes. It also has restaurants serving very good food with letters of foods from various parts of the world. It is a very quiet city safe and multicultural, but that gives no idea of the real New Zealand (dan rural and smaller cities).

Bay of Plenty – the small towns of the region are beautiful and portray the singular life in New Zealand outside large cities. Tauranga has sites like charme and Mount Maunganui which are beautiful beach, both cities with many attractive places and natural beauties.

Rotorua – Rotorua city is relatively small compared to Auckland or Wellington, but it is one of the major tourist resorts in New Zealand, with literally hundreds of activities for all tastes and ages. The Lake is extremely beautiful and the activities that can be close to can not miss them. Maori culture is another major attraction in Rotorua, as there are presented various shows, typical meals and some attractive more highlighting the Maori culture.

Taupo – Taupo city is smaller than the city of Rotorua, and is also located on the edge of a beautiful Lake. It has diverse and incredible activities tourist, thermal, boating lake, waterfalls and extreme sports for all tastes.

Wellington – the second largest city and also capital of New Zealand is an interesting place, with much dynamism to enjoy, like for example going to amazing bars, restaurants, shops etc. In addition to be a smaller city Auckland allows you to visit as many places in shorter times.

South Island

Queenstown – The most tourist town of all, not only for its breathtaking beauty, composed of its Lake, surrounding mountains, but also by activities that offers traditional or adventurous tastes and ends, in short is a city that has it all.

Christchurch – This city has an international airport and is the largest city of the South Island, attracts many tourists from various parts of the world. The city is beautiful, with its beautiful Cathedral in the main square and a fabulous botanical gardens. But in our opinion, their stay on it is a short time. Note; Christchurch Cathedral was almost completely destroyed in the earthquake that hit the city in September 2010 and February 2011.

Te Anau – Milford Sounds – one of the most beautiful places in the world, provided you had the luck that not rain you in the course of the day, it is a city where rains a lot. We do not recommend to book the tours too much in advance, not foreseeing the weather conditions for your holiday. The fjords, waterfalls falling into the sea, ride in boats by the fjords, as well as landscapes by road are fascinating to make tourists will sensitize you to the point of tears of admiration that causes the creation of God.

Mt Cook – a small town located at the base of the highest mountain in New Zealand, this city offers few attractions in terms of the city, but the landscape around is spectacular and fascinating. Its lakes and mountains mountains breathtaking for its unique beauty.

Glaciers – Franz Joseph and Fox Glacier are spectacular places, as well as the train trip that departs Christchurch and goes to Greymounth (PIN) and from there to the glaciers by bus or car.

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