Jet Lag: what is and how to deal with it

Jet Lag: what is and how to deal with it

Jet lag: Anyone who has vaiajado long hours inside a plane knows what it is, but not why occurs and how to avoid it. Find out about everything you have to know.

Jet Lag

Every human being has an internal clock that marks periods of sleep and wakefulness. Through several different time regions on a trip without interruption, that natural cycle suffers a variation. This effect is known as Jet lag or lag. The SAR defines it as “a set of physical disorders that occur in the body after a trip, when there is an important difference between the hour of the place of departure and the place of arrival”.

What is it?
The passenger feels, arriving at destination, a strange mixture of physical fatigue with certain emotional disorders.

How to know if you padecés Jet lag?
Fatigue, general exhaustion, digestive problems, irritability, forgetfulness, apathy and some confusion temporary space features are some of the most common symptoms in which manifests this phenomenon widely studied by Aerospace Medicine.

Why is it there?
Jet lag is a result of the alteration of the so-called circadian rhythm, a kind of physiological clock 24 hours governed by the action of the sunlight that programme our agency.
Therefore, when you make a trip that involves the change of time zones, passenger, already in your destination, sees altered his dream spending nights in wakefulness and suffering days with drowsiness. This consequence, annoying for the development of the natural activities, is even more marked when it is returned to the point of origin after suffering from Jet lag of roundtrip.

Is it avoidable?
The million-dollar question is how to reduce the consequences of this phenomenon. A good resource is to sleep well before start the journey and even make it for the same. How much more relaxed and rested the body is lower will be the effects of Jet lag.
In addition, it is recommended to avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages, eating food for easy digestion and trick the body into using blinders for much of the air travel.
Always gives very good results long walks outdoors at the place of destination, being exposed to daylight so that the biological clock quickly adapts to the new position of the Sun.

Jet lag is an enemy who travels with us, and although it is impossible to avoid it, its effects may be less traumatic if you follow some of the tips offered by specialists, that is advisable to visit the doctor before making the crossing.

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