Ireland: 10 most visited sites

To be a country relatively small, Ireland has much to offer those who decide to visit the island.

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Due to its geographical situation as a shield of Europe the Atlantic weather, weather in Ireland is very variable and the wind and rain have shaped a landscape that often seems magical and mystical. And folk tales and literature are replete with tales of Elves and fairies.

No doubt, many Irish landscapes seem to jump directly from books or movies as the Lord of the rings.

Living in Ireland means that many friends come to visit you. It is customary on these occasions grab a rental car and get ready to travel around the island.

Among the pearls that we find here I leave you a list of the 10 most visited places in Ireland:

The cliffs of Moher

On the coast West of Ireland are the highest sea cliffs in Europe. A majestic setting that will make you feel like a real be tiny as you watch the rough Atlantic Ocean. Actually, you may feel hard to find at the end of the world. In their day, these cliffs were used by the Celts as a place of surveillance before the Viking invasions.

Cliffs of Moher
Killarney and the ring of Kerry

Visit the Lake Hotel in Killarney, County Kerry, and enjoy a dinner watching the breathtaking views offered by the mountains of Killarney and its lakes. It has to be one of the most romantic situations in the world. Visit the Victorian Muckross House located in the central lake, visited for Queen Victoria in 1861. More than one century after their visit, all remain virtually in the same way in this very fine mansion Victorian, located in the spectacular scenery that provides the Killarney National Park.

The passage of the giant

Thousands of perpendicular and polygonal columns of basalt, with hexagonal shape, closely placed side by side in the form of step for Giants disappearing in the distance under the sea. At first glance this peculiar geological formation seems to have been created by man. It is not difficult to understand because of where he was born the myth which tells how it was the giant McCool who began the construction of this step, cross the sea to be able to confront a giant rival called Fingal in Scotland.

The giant’s Causeway

The Dingle Peninsula

Many films have been shot on the endless beaches of the Dingle peninsula. Spectacular scenery and picturesque ports are this wonder that gives us the South-West of Ireland. Until you can see the famous resident dolphin in Dingle, with which you will have an almost guaranteed encounter if you perform one of the guided tours that leave from the port.


It is best to explore it on foot or on Board of one of the tour buses circulating the city. Relatively small, but full of history, museums and emblematic points, Dublin is a vibrant city that will keep you entertained for as many days as you want.

The Burren

As fallen by surprise from the Paleolithic age, the landscape that offers us The Burren is as bleak as curious. Located near the city of Galway in the West of the island, this shocking scenario brings a huge variety of ancient monuments and bizarre rock formations.

Glendalough, County Wicklow

This beautiful valley formed in the ice age, is of those who possess natural beauty at its finest; that breathtaking. A real oasis in the middle of the Wicklow mountains National Park, Glendalough is one of the places most visited Ireland, within walking distance of Dublin.

Croagh Patrick, County Mayo

The peak of Croagh Patrick, at 764 metres above the level of the sea, in County Mayo, has become a place of pilgrimage since St. Patrick, shown by historians, fast at the top for 40 days to then build himself a church. Reach the top may seem easy, but a couple of hours of long walk uphill not going them to remove anyone. That if, once top you can enjoy a magnificent views of Clew Bay, with its numerous islands, where it is said that John Lennon step a time living at the most hippie style, away from the crazy world of music.


Galway is a fucking great city. Located on the West coast of the island, this picturesque and vibrant city has become over the years a fashionable place for the Irish youth due to his insatiable nightlife. Supremely well-connected, Galway is the city from which depart daily multitude of expeditions to see the “I-am-speechless” cliffs of Moher.

Howth, County Dublin

The Howth peninsula, to me, is one of the places most beautiful in this island. If does not appear in any list of places most visited in Ireland is because they take into account every day of the week. Now, if listings were made taking into account only Sunday, Howth, safe, would be one of the top positions.

20 minutes from Dublin city, this picturesque fishermen village offers everything one expects of Ireland; Sea, walks, Harbour, fish, seals, golf, cliffs, pubs, restaurants…

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