If you would like free travel the world?

If you would like free travel the world?

Free travel by the world is cheap and easy. In fact, with a little practice and a minimum of effort, you can meet the world for free.

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The idea of travelling is expensive and complicated is nonsense invented by tourism companies, hotel chains and media corporations.

The tourism industry wants that you buy packages to free travel on cruises or stay those resorts-all-inclusive. They expect you to pick your travel experience in the same way in which would you choose a new jacket. All they want is your money.

The tourism industry does not want to reveal these simple secrets for free travel, but I’m going to share it with you anyway.
A challenge you may venture out to the world without much more than optimism and goodwill, but personal freedom always begins with an act of faith.

1. connect with the joy of travel,

The joy of a new experience is the wonderful thing about travel. And new experiences are free of charge.
Travel you free from monotonous daily routine. You’ll explore new places, meet new people, try unfamiliar foods and discover things about the world and – yourself – that you had never imagined.

The joy of a new experience is the wonderful thing about travel. And new experiences are free of charge. Walk in the city. Stop and talk to a villager. See local life from the Bank of a square. Climb to the top of a mountain and look at the Sun on the sea.

The joy of being in a new place is a matter of simply go to a new place. You don’t need any tour package for that.

2 keep your needs to a minimum.

The modern economy is built on the false premise that people need to buy things and services all the time. And again I say that this is nonsense.

People need fresh air, healthy food, clean water, exercise, stimulation, company, self-esteem and a safe place to sleep.

All these things are easy to get. And most are free. For fresh air, go out to the street. To exercise, go to walk. For stimulation, visit a new place. For company, make a friend. To improve your self-esteem, you turn off the TV, take a deep breath and open your spirit to the benevolence of the world.

You refer to # 5 on my list for information on how to obtain food and lodging free.

3 go slowly.

Coast of Cambodia. Photo by Ryan free
If you want to take two weeks of vacation in Africa, will be very difficult (or impossible to directly, take a look at the # 8) free travel.
In fact, the more you believe that time is money, more money going to spend.

Time is not money. Time is free. And you have all the time in the world.

Rather than buy a plane ticket, travelling overland, remodeling an old sailboat, or ride your bike away from the city. How much slower is your way to travel, it will become less money you spend.

4 leave behind your possessions and your obsessions.

When you free travel, you don’t have to pay rent. You do not need an oven, a washing machine, or electricity, or cable, or a pass for the gym, a sofa or a closet full of clothes.

You don’t need to wear suit and tie to work because you don’t need a job. You don’t need to worry about paying bills, because there are no bills to pay. You are free.

5 trust in people and you will receive accommodation and meals free.

Many people are willing to open their homes to travelers. It collaborates with the chores and you will also receive a free meal.

CouchSurfing and WWOOF are fantastic networks for travelers wishing to connect with local hosts. CouchSurfing members are willing to provide accommodation for one or two nights. WWOOF connects travelers with dedicated to organic farmers, who will give shelter and food in Exchange for work in the place.

Many CouchSurfing and WWOOF members seeking to be an alternative to the consumerist culture of high impact.

6 learn how to make crafts, or develop a new skill.

If you have an art, you’re chef, breeder of animals, Masseuse, musician or Carpenter, your work you bartered for food and free accommodation.

Skills appreciated universally – how the cooking-, are the best, although there is also much demand for other trades, as a designer of Web sites. Teach your language where trips can also be a way to free travel around the world.

The more time you have to free travel, easier it will be to agree a settlement of this type with your local host.

7 go out of town.

While it is possible to free travel in a large city, is usually much more difficult. Cities are built to spend money, and the basic needs such as fresh air, clean water and a safe place to sleep are more difficult to cover.

Go to the camp, on the outskirts, where people are more relaxed, food is abundant and the spacious place so that the traveller has his sleeping bag under the stars.

8 it is a job that involves travel.

If you need a fixed income to pay debts or keep your children, look for a job that involves travel. There are millions of jobs in the global economy that require that you travel.

Of course, there are some jobs easier to love others, and many of these jobs that involve free travel to also involve the destruction of ecosystems or local traditions. If possible, avoid jobs that are not ethical: are bad for health and much worse for the soul.

9. the gift of discovering keep intact.

You need to free travel the world a fair mix of capacity for organization and planning with the opening needed to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Would your new CouchSurfing friend like a companion for your ride through the countryside? Go get your backpack and go with him!

As Kurt Vonnegut wrote “opportunities for travel are dance of God”.

Then dancing!

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