How to use gps

How to use gps Navigator for the first time

How to use gps? These devices teach you the way that you have to follow to get to a specific address

How to use gps

1. Busca the address to which you want to go.
A GPS navigation system will calculate the fastest route, you have to follow to get to a point ‘B’ from an ‘A’ point. The only thing you have to do is enter the address from which it parts and which are going.
2. Sugerencia of street names.

This tool has stored in its memory to thousands and thousands of streets, avenues and walks. When you enter an address the machine will suggest automatically several names.

3. Escucha addresses.
Divert the gaze of the road is very dangerous, reason why these machines say the driver the road that should follow: “In 50 m turn right”; “at the next roundabout take the third exit”.

4. No passes nothing if you deflecting you.
The How to use gps will calculate the fastest route to reach your destination. But if you you deflecting of the marked path do not worry, it will automatically prepare a new path based on your new position.

5. Prepara the GPS before you start driving.
Never manipulate this tool while you drive, it is very dangerous and can cost you several points of the driving licence.

How to use gps?

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