Factors considered by a car insurance calculator

When you shop for auto insurance policy, it is important to note that a quote you will receive may be different from the price that the person who referred the company to you. Ideally, an insurance policy is tailor-made for each holder. A car insurance calculator takes into consideration several factors to be able to compute your insurance quote. Getting your own insurance quote is highly recommended; don’t assume that a friend’s or relative’s insurance policy will cost the same if you get yours from the same company.

Factors that influence the price of your car insurance calculator


There are lots of details in insurance coverage that could affect the price of the premium. These include types of coverage you want to include, amount of liability coverage, limit on deductibles, number of cars that you want to be covered, number of possible users or riders and so on. The rate for each policy provision in your coverage is fixed. However, there are discounts that you can avail and your eligibility for such discounts already makes your insurance quote tailor-made just for you.


car insurance calculatorApart from the number of cars that you want to get insured, insurance companies look into the model as well. If your car model is one of those that are usually involved in road accidents and theft, it will be considered a high-risk. It prompts an insurance calculator to increase your quote.

The price of the car is also given importance. More expensive cars entail higher insurance quotes. That’s because the repairs and replacement services needed when expensive cars get damaged are costly too. However, there’s an advantage of owning such cars. Because of their price, it is safe to say that they have the most sophisticated safety features. And that calls for a discount because the safety features lessen the risk.


Having a garage is advantageous in getting an insurance policy. It is safer than parking your car along the road adjacent to your home. Risks of arson, theft and damage due to natural calamities are reduced when you have a garage.

If you live in an urbanized area, you will also get more favorable deals in insurance policies than those who live in the rural areas. The rationale behind this is that car maintenance and repair service companies are more visible in urban areas. Aside from that, the roads in the rural areas are typically less car-friendly than the roads in cities.


car insurance calculatorInsurance companies have more confidence in drivers with years of experience provided that they have clean driving records. Such drivers are deemed to be more skilled. Because of that, insurance companies assume that these drivers are low-risk.

The distance travelled using the car is also considered when computing an insurance quote. This will be the basis for another discount. When it comes to this, it is more advantageous to drive less and avoid extensive driving. Aside from costly petroleum products, driving for miles and for hours may cause your car to malfunction.


No matter how stiff the competition among auto insurance companies, they remain vigilant against prospective clients who just intend to make false claims. They check the credit history of prospects to know how diligent or negligent their prospects in paying for their insurance. They also take into consideration the number of claims filed a prospect. Filing numerous claims doesn’t leave a good impression to insurance companies.

The abovementioned factors are expressed in numbers to make a car insurance calculator work. If you feel like it’s not that accurate, you can always call an insurance agent to clarify things.

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