Parque Europa (Europa Park)

Parque Europa (Europa Park) is located south of the town of Torrejón de Ardoz, well-served in transport both public and private vehicle.

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Private car

The more direct to get from Madrid way is via the A2 (autovía de Barcelona), exit 18. Once in the city, follow the path indicated by the urban signage.
Europa Park has an area of parking regulated in the Ronda Sur and in the section located between the road of Loeches and promenade of cypress trees and parking in the surface of Europa Park located next to the entrance of the Brandenburg Gate and has places for people with reduced mobility. The only regulated parking preprinted accept coins.

Public transport

Urban bus

2 bus line, makes stop in the vicinity of the Europa Park, passing through the last numbers of the weaving Street and the neighborhood of Torrenieve. Also a line “Circular” bus makes during weekends different routes stop at the main gate of the Park. Schedules can be found in the Terminal of the bus located in the Plaza of Spain.

Long-distance bus

Line 224-A (Madrid Avenida de América – yellow spot) with stop in the street yarns with corner to Silicon, in the Park of Catalonia. Close to Europa Park.

By train

Trains at Alcala de Henares and Guadalajara. With a stop in the vicinity of Torrejón de Ardoz station. Then connect with the urban bus L1 or L2.

By Taxi

From the terminal de taxis from the Spain square, next to the train station and interchange of bus or any of the rest of locations in the city.

Access to the Park

Parque Europa (Europa Park) has three entrances. One located in the Ronda Sur esquina Paseo de los Cipreses, in the replica of the Brandenburg Gate. Other end of the yarn Street, opposite the reproduction of the Puerta de Alcalá, enabled last spring and thanks to which an extension of the Park took place at 3.809 square meters; the third is located in the compass Street, poplar street corner.

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