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If you leave travel expenses to block your sense of adventure, you’ll be missing out on one of the most spectacular parts of the world.

bus route planner

Europe is one of my favorite destinations and if I travel cheap for a fraction of their price, maybe even better. It is also one of the places that more I question people again and again: “Is it expensive to travel around Europa bus route planner?”.

While it is one of my favorite destinations, I must be honest.

There are cheaper places to visit in the world, but the opportunity to travel around Europe is absolutely wonderful and everyone should experience it at least once in life. Basically, if you leave to travel in Europe to block your sense of adventure, you’ll be missing out on one of the most spectacular parts of the world.

In addition, there are many ways to reduce expenses and travel in Europe for a fraction of their normal price.

Let’s look at some tips to travel and give our portfolio for a well-deserved rest.

More economical ways to travel in Europe

This travel guide will provide you with two things

1. the best ways to travel in Europe

2. the cheapest way of travelling in Europe

Mega Bus

If you have the right ticket, this is, by far, the cheapest travel option. So far, the Mega Bus covers only the United Kingdom and some countries of Western Europe, but price does not hold any discussion. A trip can cost 1.50 euros, however, in practice, it requires a reservation a month in advance, especially when you travel by tourist routes and major cities. This is by far one of the cheapest ways to travel around Europe.

Some tickets from London to Paris cost only $10. This is madness! Unquestionably there is nothing cheaper than the Mega Bus if you want to travel to Amsterdam, Paris or Brussels.

Share routes

There are numerous sites on the internet like Bla Bla Car that offer rides to hitchhiking across Europe by paying little more than the price of gasoline. Normally these bargains are found on websites where people publish their travel destination. This form of travel is not as safe as trains in Europe, low cost flights, or companies such as Busabout; but it is inexpensive and entertaining.

This route is not completely free, but it is safer to hitchhike on the highway, you can get references of previous travelers.

It is a cheap and easy way get to know Europe, and also a good way to meet locals and other travellers.

Eurail Pass

If you have limited time and you want to move quickly, Eurail is the best choice, offers a variety of passes to meet almost any need.

You can choose between regional passes, global passes (for each country) or a “pass the custom”. One of the great advantages of Eurail to travel around Europe is the amount of freedom that it offers.

Unlike the Busabout, which has stops, Eurail allows you to choose their stops on the fly. This advantage allows you to discover Europe by its own atmosphere and style. This interesting aspect Eurail makes my favorite for my travels in Europe.

However, I suggest strongly to use the Eurail only to travel long distances to get the most.

Of course, this does not apply if you have unlimited travel days. Remember also that passes have a limited validity of a number of days to travel by railway networks.

The number of days depends on the pass, but range from a minimum of three days to a maximum of three months of unlimited travel. Read my review on Busabout vs.Eurail.


This is a very popular means of transportation among backpackers. Busabout established routes through Europe, and many of his passes let you get on and off whenever you want.

There are more than 33 stops covering most popular attractions, as well as some isolated cities. One of the biggest advantages of Busabout is that you see the same people all the time. This allows you to meet other travelers and even to develop lasting friendships with them.

Europe is accessible, affordable and is awaiting your arrival. Travel around Europe is cheap and easy if you know what you are doing. Use the 8 best ways to travel around Europa bus route planner to save some money!.

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