Differences between air travel and car

Differences between air travel and car

The title of the post seems a self-evident truth, but it is not. There are many differences between air travel and travel by car, that’s obvious, everybody knows them. But perhaps there are some who all have escaped us and that you perhaps should present.

air travel

For those travelling by plane, the main advantage is the speed. By plane you arrive earlier to anywhere that traveling by car. But it is always as well? Obviously not. A flight may suffer delays for many reasons, may suffer cancellations due to bad weather conditions for example. We will always have several available alternative routes that will allow us to travel due to very bad weather that makes drive.

Another important difference is the start time. air travelĀ have some tee times determined and virtually unchanged. By car we can go as we please, and even stop where we want along the journey.

And the food? On the plane have little to choose from, while traveling in car supply expands considerably. And not to mention eat without the belt since.
Finally, a difference regarding privacy. Traveling by car never they will inspect what you carry in your luggage.

Of course all this is applicable provided that the duration of the trip time is not an essential condition.

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