Best places to travel in Europe

There are many best places to travel in Europe but the problem for foreign travelers is knowing where to visit.

best places to travel in europe

This all depends on your personal interests as some may visit an area for the landscape, culture, history, or recreational activities. Whatever your reasons are, there’s room for each one to be covered. If you’re having trouble finding that “ideal” location then here’s a list of best places to travel in Europe that are the most popular:

1. London.
You’re probably thinking, “Duh, everyone knows about London” and most people do but not everyone knows why. It’s a historical city that has a myriad of attractions and activities that will keep you busy for days. Waterloo Bridge is great for sunset admirers. Other popular attractions include St. Paulis Cathedra, the Tower of London, Westminister Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. If you’re a fan of medieval architectures, this is the place to go.

2. Rome.
This place is filled with wonder, entertainment and creativity that will make it a remarkably memorable visit. The artistic achievement here is perhaps the best throughout Europe. With painters like Michelangelo and other talented artists, you have landmarks like Sistine Chapel that will be remembered as the most impressive masterpieces of the world. The city has many elements to appreciate, such as their music, theatre, architecture, culture and history.

3. Berlin
The capital of Germany is populated with businesses, talented artists, and other respectable achievements. The most common visited areas are the greenery areas of southwest Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, and the historic center of Mitte.

4. Amsterdam
Through the streets of Amsterdom, you will pass through and encounter many restaurants that fill the air with their fresh scents. With outdoor markets, interesting locals, gorgeous flower spreads and amazing city canals, you’ll find it to be a refreshing place to visit.

5. Florence
The Tuscans have great hospitality here and the area accommodates you with small luxurious accommodations, trendy restaurants, and a load of charm.

6. Venice
This city is the queen of romance. Many couples come here to celebrate their marriage because of the beautifully constructed bridges over the canals, romance filled nooks and crannies, and some interesting Venetian architectures.

7. Vienna
This is often regarded as one of the greatest capitals in all of Europe and for good reason. It has an incredible wealth of tradition that has consistently surpassed expectations in economics, politics, and art

8. Barcelona
For those with a fascination for Spanish culture, there’s a great display of spanish fashion, dining, and lodging.

Feel overwhelmed? Everyone does but just pick one that suits your needs. Search Google for some images of these places if you need to. Once your wonderful vacation is set, be sure to use Route Planner – it is the best and most popular free route planning tool in Europe. Using it will provide you with precise directions that will keep you from getting lost and believe me, you will get lost if you’re not prepared.

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