Advice and recommendations for when traveling alone

Advice and recommendations for when traveling alone

When traveling alone: During my trips to the length and breadth of this world, I’ve never felt that it put my life in danger. Even traveling on the subway of Mexico where the only graciosillos were policemen who went to ask which direction had to take to a bus station, and after follow your directions, and make a huge detour, I went back to pass in front of them while laughing saw them of my openly.

when traveling alone


When traveling alone

When she travels alone it is clear that it is not the same as when traveling as a couple or in a group. As my father would say, it should be avoided to put in dangerous situations. Here are some recommendations that I can offer, to enjoy a trip quiet and serene, without more problems than the idle policemen who decided to laugh at a despistada gachupina.
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First and foremost is respect traditions and dress properly to not attract the prying, bother with our attire or generate envy or violence. I, for example, usually go always in jeans, sneakers, and instead of brand handbags took a leather bag I hang shoulder to have free hands. And I never wear jewelry or cameras too showy nor violent.

It is important to try to look like a tourist as little as possible, and try to be confused with the rest of the people. It is convenient to always worn sunglasses, but attempting to non-brand, to not arouse envy or theft or at least avoid looking directly into the eyes because people an exchange of glances may annoy those who, or can reach even to misinterpret it.
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It should move forward without fear for life, and not allow that if something scares us or surprises us is we note the scare in the face. And not ever react provocations, to compliments or whistles (or the laughter of two bored policemen).

Not remain alone in the street when it gets dark. It is a matter of common sense. There are times where if it has done late are we better spend the money taking a taxi that will take us to the hotel or to where you’re hosted walking quickly, with the heart a thousand per hour, unknown and deserted streets.
It is best to always drink bottles that have bought and opened ourselves. Especially in places that are parties. It is not only the quality of the water, is rather always have control of what you are eating and where.

Be nice to people, interested in their customs but try to not tell them our life and miracles, at least until our instinct to not tell us that we are sure.
When we arrived in a country, it is advisable to inform our presence to the own local Embassy. Travel in solo can be a joy because you shouldn’t be pulling or waiting for others. You go at your own pace, you stop where you like, you talk to who you want.

I remember that on that trip to Mexico that I said at the beginning, nothing more arrive, as I didn’t know anyone, I signed on a field trip to Taxco, the city of la plata, who organized a 5 star hotel in Mexico City. Arriving at the site in question, first led us to a shop where, we were practically all morning. Then, they took us to a restaurant that we could not choose. When we wanted to visit the city, let us only an hour. I said that and no more.

So I decided to return for my account and risk to Taxco, even if you move me on metro and bus. I think it was the best decision I made on this trip, because from then on, I could visit it at my pace, respecting people and local traditions, to live unique experiences, and not allowing the fear of others to lead my life.

When a group of hikers reach a town or a lost village, very discrete displayed, the locals considered as outsiders who have invaded their space, so prefer to hide behind a shell. When it lands there is a solitary Walker, is unable to establish a privileged contact. Perhaps because solitude is synonymous with exclusion, lack. This is why they come and even make you confidences. For them, it is good to let off some steam with a person who arrived and that it will run with the wind.

Once I met Paquita, a happy mountain who was always walking alone and knew her who as “the of roads old”. As well, talking with her she told me did not know from where came you this love by the fire and camping alone in the light of the stars. He also wondered if his passion would go extinct as the weight of your backpack were making heavier. The only thing that was really clear is that stones collecting during his adventures had lost splendor when pulled them from his backpack to get home.

When traveling alone

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