9 things you should know before going to England

When we travel to England, it is easy to sometimes distracted us and pass us some of these details. The English have a customs very different from those of the rest of the Europeans; they drive on the left, go to bed earlier and have even named a type of humor sometimes incomprehensible to the rest of us: the british humour.

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The important thing before preparing a trip to England is to know well some of his typical hobbies so let’s us not a surprise.

What you should know before you visit England.

Visit England can give more than one headache to some clueless Spanish. Many of these things you’ve heard them, but I would not say that there are disadvantages, but cultural differences that sometimes we ignore by the mere fact that they are in Europe. No, the English are very different from us in many things. For example:

1. plugs have three connectors, not two as in Spain; If you want to plug something in your hotel, it is recommended that you carry an adapter.

2. the cars drive on the left and does not always know where to look in steps to pedestrians. You need to change the chip when it comes to cross a street without traffic lights, but the trick will be to look at both sides.

3. make queues for everything. Especially in London. It is the most typical. I once had to get up about 6 in the morning to wait in line to buy tickets for the theatre. And there were already people when I arrived! What many people do to not be bored is to bring a book.

4. almost no bins are used. It will surprise you to see that the streets are incredibly clean, but you can’t find a trash can on every lamppost. The English have their garbage cans on the homes and deliver them the day in which garbage is collected.

5. they are very environmentally-friendly public transport. Perhaps you are British something “edges”, but in regard to standards of education, the “good morning”, the “excuse me” and “sorry” not you him get lost anywhere. Also in the of give up the seat, something which unfortunately in Spain sometimes is not.

6. he eats very fast. If you go to London, you will not miss you see a lot of people in the morning with his pot of Café Nero breakfasting foot while walking, or eating a sandwich in the street. It is part of British life, though there are also restaurants in many places where you can eat calmly.

7. schedules are different. People rises before and will lie more soon (mainly because soon night falls). Also eaten at different times (12 h and 18 h some are already eating and dining). That Yes, they tend to be punctual and anything you arrive late will not be enlightening.

8. they have one hour less. The first time I went to London I was surprised that all watches was delayed 1 hour, with the reputation of timely Englishmen have. Then I discovered that ahead was mine, since it came from Spain and England have one hour less (as in the Canary Islands). You must turn back the clock one hour accordingly.

9. speak lower. Unlike Spaniards, tend to have rather more low a tone of voice, or at least that is the most educated in a public site and in daily conversation if there is no confidence. It is not good to talk about too high with the mobile, or not to exalt himself too.

Do more things that you know about the English?

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