8 Safety Tips for travel taxi

8 Safety Tips for travel taxi

The reasons may be different: a party, a costume uncomfortable high heels or rain. Travel taxi are a means of transportation in the big cities, but what safe are?

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If appropriate measures are not taken, take a taxi can be a direct trip to assault or physical and emotional aggression, to avoid this we provide you with eight tips that will help you to prevent any eventuality in a taxi:

1 taxi insurance. Ideally, ask taxis site. If they are to Travel taxi to a big city looking for phones of taxi before you get, and if they are not, at least at the beginning, take airport or station of trucks, although they are more expensive. Ask the taxi driver for sites or radio taxi phones and use them whenever they can.

2 talk to the taxi driver. Many studies have shown that taxi drivers often make conversation with their customers are less likely to engage in criminal situations. Ask them about weather, traffic, a recommendation of tacos, anything that gives them a topic of conversation.

3. Beware what you talk. Now, it is one thing to make conversation and another is to tell your whole life, tell you what hotel you stay or that you live alone and raisins out of your House all day.

Be careful with the information you share, not only with the taxi driver if not with any stranger. Keep the conversation on non-personal issues and if it makes one ask always can have fun making you a personality.

4 ask before uploading. Before taking any taxi ask rate or if charged with taximeter. And be sure to have cash to pay, it is not recommended to the taxi driver to take them to an ATM to withdraw money.

5 have the address by hand. Google Maps now makes our life much easier, because although we do not know to reach a site map always give us options. If they don’t know the route check the directions on the map and compare it with the suggestion of the taxi driver.

6 look at the plates or card. Depending on the city in which they are the taxi drivers are identified differently, but all have an identification number and the number of the plate must be visible.

Point it at a text message and if necessary, send it to a friend. It is not alarm anyone, but if something makes them feel unsafe over it is worth an extra call to ensure that you never see them again.

7 trust your instincts. Never underestimate your sixth sense. If something makes them feel unsafe or nervous, get off. Do not be afraid to end your journey before, can always use an excuse like: “what do? I need to buy something in this corner”.

8. always put the insurance. Immediately after the climb make sure that both rear doors have insurance since, to avoid external attacks in this way. And if they feel that aggression can come inside, get off immediately!

Girls, never be afraid to ask where you are taking them or tell the taxi driver to please go by busiest one-way. It is better to be fussy who’s committed.

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