5 things you must do when US travel

5 things you must do when US travel

The process of US travelĀ that was so much fun has become a little tricky today, especially on flights where it is possible to be oversold, high air fares, aircraft taxes increase, the limitation of baggage and long lines around the airport.

US travel

But there are some recommendations that follow them, could facilitate your trip.

Live USA share you 5 tips that you must implement.

1) to avoid long security lines, there are several services that help you avoid rows. For connections to domestic flights between the US travel, TSA Precheck service ensures you have access to a row of security separate and less congested to passengers pre – documented. While the CLEAR service allows you to completely avoided the row and by directly through the security checkpoint. TSA Precheck service is $ 85 for five years, while the CLEAR service requires a payment $ 179 per year. For international flights, there is service of Global Entry that offers similar services, the cost to implement is $ 100.

(2) try to use luggage with wheels. The distances from the unloading halls and areas of immigration in some airports are eternal. If you carry heavy suitcases in hand, the Marathon was you very uncomfortable.

(3) If you want to save money and avoid the masses of people, try to US travelĀ on Tuesday or Wednesday. This two days are considered as the two week, during which you can save 15 to 20% lighter.

(4) If you plan to rent a car and drive in the city of your destination, try to use apps like Waze or HopStop, especially if you don’t know the city well. These apps will help you navigate through unknown terrain while you avoid the traffic at the same time.

(5) after a long journey, the first thing you will want to is arrive and dinner some place. To avoid eating something that may not be of your liking, try to use apps like Foodspotting or Yelp. These apps will help you find food of your choice around your vicinity.

Follow these simple recommendations to be able to reacquaint yourself with the fun of US travel.

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