3 easy ways to beat traffic

Imagine heading toward a luxurious vacation on a cruise and you’re excited about all the activities you will get to do.

Beat Traffic

You need to be there by 8 AM and so you set up the alarm and make all the preparations to wake up and go. Unfortunately, there’s always something to screw with your schedule. Today that something is called traffic and if it was a person, it would be saying something like this: “Sorry, am I in your way? Shucks, I see you need to go to a cruise. It’s too bad I don’t care .”

Sometimes you might just want to honk and destroy all those cars that get in your way. Seriously, it’s not something anyone would want to go through. Skipping work might be good in principle for some but skipping vacation is an entirely different issue. The question is, how do you beat traffic? It is possible to do and I am sure you already know some of them but for those who want a brief and to the point summarization, here are some strategies you can implement to fight beat Traffic:

Step 1. Use Route Planner

Not all routes have the same amount of traffic (unless it’s the apocalypse). However, you certainly should not take another direction without knowing where to go or you’ll end up being late anyway. To solve this issue, it’s always best to use a free online tool like Route Planner that’s well known and reliable.  Through this tool, you can get multiple routes and determine the approximate time of arrival based upon LIVE traffic news.

Look forward to be ahead of the traffic.

Step 2. Alternative Transportation

Cars are not the only means of transportation. Trains have no traffic to deal with and can be a very convenient solution. Airplanes, whether it be private or public, can also work if you can afford it. Sometimes the direction that these transportation methods are heading to are not precisely where you wish to go. In such an event, you can just take a taxi or purchase a rental car. If all else fails, get on a bicycle and challenge a race car. Okay fine, I’m half-kidding.

Step 3. Leave Earlier/Plan Beforehand

Here’s the deal. If you live in an area that is constantly crowded, especially during the time you plan to leave, then you need to think smart. Be there a day earlier or as early as possible. Don’t make excuses. Beat Traffic is not going to split in half because it felt sympathy for your laziness. If possible, schedule your trip to have you arrive at a time that will not collide with the holidays or rush hour. For example, do NOT promise to arrive at 5:30 PM unless you are pretty sure it is possible.


If you follow all these three steps, I can guarantee that you are 90% more likely to be on time than if you sat back and wished on a shooting star. I hope this was helpful to all those who are struggling with traffic. Make this be the last time you go through that frustration. If you liked this article, please share this with your friends!

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