10 tips for travel around Europe cheap

The route planner: When you are a backpacker, or traveler addicted like me Europe is one of the last destinations that one thinks of visiting, the popular rumor is that the old continent is expensive and there is nothing at backpacker prices, and while it is true that you cannot compare prices with Asia or South America, if one is well organized and open to offers the trip may cost you less than planned and can be reached at “backpacker” have your touch.

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10 tips for travel Europe cheap

1 go to open to the possibilities:

The European dream has its top cities and no one wants to go to Europe without stepping on the Eiffel Tower or the Roman Coliseum, but if one is on a new continent where everything is “relatively close” and what you are interested in is to travel and learn, you must not always haunt you with certain cities, there are a couple of websites that offer always last minute (flights or trains) for the next 2 weeks at very good prices so you can leave the “luck” and the “savings” part of the trip to Europe, i.e. sit on your computer a couple of days before the trip, review those cities that 150% can not miss in your list and from them look offers on the dates you’ll be there, if these open you can find flights from 7 euros or trains between countries of up to 25 euros. For example from Frankfurt to Prague (Czech Republic) there are options of car shared by 20 euros, clear depends on the date and the day you want to travel.

2 forget about summer:

It is true that there is no better time to travel around the continent that summer months, where the atmosphere seems another and day have 16 hours of light, but if yours is to save this is the worst time, flights can cost you even 3 times more than normal, hotels for its part will be 80% occupancy and that bids will be minimal and not to mention places camping than are filled to the limit with tourists and national that take advantage of the Sun season for insights into every corner of their countries, so my recommendation is that you travel in the spring or fall, each of these seasons has a great charm, the spring on the other hand shows cities colourful and full of flowers, with very nice even countries like Spain climatesItaly or Portugal can have perfect weather on some beaches, and autumn with those ocher and climates that still allow to explore the cities on foot.

Spring: March to June

Fall: September-December (in Germany is recommended until the end of November, because it starts to get too cold).

3 avoid restaurants:

One of my greatest passions when I travel is to know the gastronomic culture of the place, but eat 3 times a day in a restaurant can cost you in Europe even more €50 per day, clear all depend on restaurant to visit and that you eat, but even in the cities more economic a breakfast is on average about 8 euros and a menu around Central magnificent from the 15 least and you do not speak the Colombian breakfast with eggs pericoscoffee, cheese and bread, I’m talking about basic breakfast, with a cup of black coffee and bread with butter and jam. So my recommendation is to buy the more possible in supermarkets either prepared salads, sandwiches, one sausage or even better if you stay at a place where they can cook, buy foods to make prepare them yourself, even can do a gastronomic “tour” around the supermarket because there you will find everything you eat local at prices more reasonable; Finally on your way through the City visit the restaurants only a couple of times to meet your food and not go “Rome without trying a pizza”.

4. stay in hostels:

This is nothing new for the backpacking traveler, but if suddenly you are of those who believe that sharing a room with strangers isn’t for you, you reported that most hostels, inns or hostels European (and many other countries in the world) have rooms private, clearly not as large and comfortable as a hotel 5 stars but you may need to rest after tourist marathons by any town or cityalso not surprised to see that in Europe, hostels are for whole families or seniors, not only for young backpackers.

5 use transport public and take advantage of the offers:

There is no best way to get around big cities that public transport, metro stations are very well connected and located, mostly every tourist attraction a metro station nearby (sometimes even with the same name of the attraction), options and offers from most of the countries are so large and varied that not worth wastingto buy a ticket you’ll find electronic machine at the station that you can put in your preferred language and where you can see the best options according to your requirements.

A taxi for the short that is the distance can cost at least 10 euros.

* Most of the machines receive up to maximum tickets 50 euros or credit card.

6 travel by plane:

It is amazing how in Europe aircraft can be much cheaper prices that even a bus, there are several low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and vueling, offering flights from 7 euros and purchased between 8 and 6 weeks before the trip to have a very favorable price. Read tips for buying cheap flights here.

But be careful!: well check departure times and arrival of the flights, as well as airports, most airports are outside the city with distances between one and three hours of bus ride (which will have to pay separately), so check every extra cost and compare if it is worthwhile or not, taking a flight from the airport more central city where these and the city where you are going.
Important: keep in mind also that these airlines have baggage policies very specific and every centimetre or gram extra in your suitcase could cost you money.
7 travel by train:

Even though I play the point of costs in the previous paragraph, must also keep in mind that if you have time you can travel on regional trains, more slowly, knowing better each country and changing line when they reach the border, so you pay normal country prices and no high prices charged by a company of trains to take you to another country. Also keep in mind that sometimes the time between reaching the airport and out of it and look forward to the low cost flights can be made that otherwise waste time.

8 use the communities of travel:

Every day there are more communities of travel such as couchsurfing.org and hospitality among others, offering experiences to the traveller to see the hand of a local towns or villages, this closer you more to culture and will help you to save money as locals can take you to places that you’d never known as a single tourist or will give you the best tips to use transport public, the best time to go to museums or tourist attractions and they will even show you the city and you have stories that even the best tour guide knows.

9. fewer days in the more expensive, more days in the most cheap:

Who the hell I am talking about? as you make your trip to Europe to see those who want to see, but when you see it you try to find a “new horizon” what I mean is that for example Paris is beautiful, holds its own and is a European symbol, but is a city that will leave you “bleeding” economically speaking, the tourist and its world known Eiffel Tower makes this city have prices at any time of the year, so ve, visit, runs what more can every day and after 3 days is sufficient, out of there and take advantage of to stay more time in cities cheaper as some Spanish, ribs, German or Dutch, where the costs could be up to 30% less than in Paris, Rome, Venice, or any of the European icons.

Tip: when you make a trip for more than one month can’t be every day walking for 15 hours and visiting tourist attractions, so I advise that you put the energy to those 3 days in the “expensive” cities and then take the days off in cities more economic where lodging or food allow you to save.

10 it is scanned before you act:

They are so many and so varied attractions offered in Europe that if we want to have admission to all attractions surely we will end up bankrupt after the trip, so my advice is that before paying an entrance to a place you to analyze both worth, are sometimes only a couple of euros but everything on a trip of this kind hasfor example on my trip to Paris not climbed the Tower Eiffel and I do not regret the row entry was more than 3 hours and the view of the city was very nice but without its main symbol in it (the eiffel tower) is why I preferred to go to other parts of the city where height gave me an extraordinary view and in my visual was also the tower and all free!. In New York, I only went to the Empire State, but not to the Top of the lookout rock chose between the two. So I do on every trip to save a little money.

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