10 tips for travel easy and cheaper than we think

10 tips for travel easy and cheaper than we think

Travel easy can be easier than we thought, and cheaper than what you calculate. It’s that simple. A long journey by several countries is rich thing nor a luxury few.

Travel easy

What kind of travel and travellers do I mean?

Not to mention long to Travel easy through a circuit of Resorts in tropical beaches, combined with cruises and excursions that include a snack with ice from a glacier. I mean a traveler who plans a long journey to make world, plan adventure backpacker, willing to do certain omissions to the comfort to submit to discover much of the planet, a journey that can be as imperfect as sit still at home 😀

What follows is a list of 10 selected tips from own experiences, tips, experts, with things that can be learned on the road-bound, with data that we overlooked, with conclusions confirmed by experts. The sole purpose is to illustrate the idea that Travel easy well and beautiful, it can also be easy (much more than what we believe) and cheap:

First stage: take the first step at home

1 get the war to your comfort zone.

That nest has you trapped, so comfortable, those excuses that they lead you to not break your environment, that apparent coziness that is routine but that prevents you from starting. You should know that that which prevents you to get out first and last name: your comfort zone is called, and is likely to be your enemy when it comes to take a first step.

2. never be afraid to Travel easy alone.

Is there anything that you decide not to do and that tomorrow can repent for not achieve it?. Probably one of those things that repent is not to make the journey of your dreams by do not encourage you to do so Sun @. They say that more adventurous travelers traveling alone, feel more free, know yourself, and learn to put away any problems. But in addition, on a trip, you will be only if you deseás, because always you find along the way someone who share some stretch or time.

3 forget the idea that the world is unsafe or that it could happen something bad.

How Matt Harding puts it, “the world is much more sure of what want us to believe”. Or at least, does not it seem nothing that bombard us daily from many news services. Yes, there are more and less suitable areas, but mostly, the world is full of places where hope tourists and most recipients and carers so that they have a desire to return. At least always happened to me returning from a place that head me crosses a “that fool who did not come before” or “thought #% I went, it was more complicated”.

4 discover that traveling can be cheaper than staying at home.

The topic is that a trip around the world is only for the rich. And ever further from the truth. Travel easy  is not a luxury for the few, and you can even get out more cheap to stay long at home. We should only do calculations and see, how much monthly spend on rent, taxes, services and other tastes that we. Because all this list of expenses, is void on our trip, and probably is more bulky than what they pay in an average of daily expenses. Travel can be cheaper even, to stay at home. For reference, also you could spy on a backpacker budget average. Or simply explore the prices for hostels, meals and transport for internet in any destination of the world you have in mind and the accounts.

Second stage: the preparations for the trip

5 discover that you don’t have to spend fortunes on accommodation.

There are many ways of staying without spend money. Practicing House sitting, exchanging experiences with Couchsurfing (I recommend it), or gaining House and food with Helpx or Wwoof, that although I did if is of people who failed to extend a stay without disburse more. In any case, observe the prices of hotels around the world and abandon the idea of Travel easy is a bad step.

6. Choose destinations and countries that come to mind.

The world is full of countries where our few savings can yield very much, for the famous exchange rate and the difference in price. We explained in another post, in which depending on the country that you travel can be a lucky with little money. Would you like to know what are the cheapest countries to Travel easy ? some of esto is explained in this link. Even if your travel has a more particular purpose, as it might be to learn languages, you could choose between alternative destinations that they come out more to account.

7 find more reasons to travel.

If what it takes is to boot, it is likely to need a goal in the form of a reason mobilizing. Perhaps a trip can start to learn a language, or a trip as a volunteer. In addition, in this way you put all the comment type “someday will have to sit the feet on the ground” that tend to prowl around a project Traveller: (.)

Third stage: on the road

8 discover that you can earn a living on the road.

Travelers too extend the previous leg of the trip (I confess that I need therapy at this point). Because they want to (we want to) save enough to be sure, because you want to have everything planned down to the smallest detail and layout. Perhaps, if you’re willing to adventure, is only needed deployed some skills that you can exploit in the way, and before leaving, they have only enough for the ticket and savings together for a couple of months. Maybe even our way to make a living with a travel blog, is can complement if we have sufficient dedication and we do it with perseverance. Or for more ideas, discover different options to travel and work at the same time. In my case, some time I’m looking for the formula to Travel easy  vel more and more and find a balance between work, money and time. The conclusion?: it is not easy but it is possible.

9 and get rid of luggage.

It seems impossible to Travel easy with less than 15 kilos, above all in the first long journey that we make. But the truth is that while more gains experience, more light goes luggage. All because we discover, in the way we use half of everything we have been (and I was of that), because there is nothing that we can buy in our destination, even better price than our point of departure. But in addition, because you learn that weight for wearing so many useless things, is a price that soon we will not be willing to pay.

10 learn how to live and travel, it is not necessary to have a lot.

You can learn traveling, but it is best to know before you begin: to Travel easy does not lack a large luggage, or too much to carry. While lighter, will be more free. In addition, traveling will discover that it is very little what we need for our adventure. We don’t need to load both or on a journey in our lives.

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